Anderson, Campbell and Associates

Welcome to Anderson, Campbell and Associates (AC ~ Associates). As a learning organization, our philosophy provides us with an unprecedented opportunity to collaborate and network with organizations and people throughout the world. Creating and sustaining a digital learning environment has and will continue to be a powerful goal in planning and development. Digital learning and technology use can equalize opportunities for learning, growth and development.

AC ~ Associates provides professional service in basically three areas: Business Development, Educational Development, and Financial Services. A sample of specific services is provided under Our Services in this website.

Our vision is to create and sustain the use of technology, creativity, learning and innovative strategies as problem-solving and decision-making tools. The 21st Century Workforce Commission has warned that the United States must develop a new "21st Century Literacy." People, organizations, businesses, and agencies will be challenged to identify innovative strategies to address existing and emerging problems. AC ~ Associates has designed a systems approach to address the evolving needs of organizations. Systemic change is often cherished by organizations, but rarely achieved. We see change and growth as two different concepts on opposite sides of the same coin: as organizations change, they must also grow.

AC ~ Associates’ mission ensures that its services and products will be state-of-the-art. What was acceptable yesterday is not acceptable today. The push for national standards in a variety of arenas is outmoded because the modern perspective is to think globally, not locally. We prepare and challenge organizations to move and operate beyond mere compliance. In order to prosper in the 21st Century, organizations will need to be aware of on-going technological developments. Alliances will be an important strategy in accomplishing that status. AC ~ Associates promotes the establishment of strategic alliances through its business development services.

As we continue to enter the Information Age, science, mathematics and technology will play an even greater role in both the economic, social, educational and business spheres of society. This highly competitive marketplace will increasingly demand broad-based technical skills. The future challenges the post- Cold War in many areas. As usage of the Internet becomes more universal, technology is the most viable method to prepare people for the dynamic future.  We are pleased to position ourselves to become your partner as you move your organization further toward the future –  a future that is sure to come and one that will serve well those who are prepared.

Anderson, Campbell and Associates