Anderson, Campbell and Associates

Anderson, Campbell & Associates is a business, educational, financial and commercial real estate consulting firm. With over thirty-five years combined experience in the relevant areas, we are proud to provide world-class service.

Vision Statement

As we work to improve individual and organizational strength, we anticipate the customers that they serve and the communities that they serve will enjoy a better world where the quality of life will be enhanced and opportunities will be vastly expanded.

Mission Statement

Anderson, Campbell & Associates, where excellence is never compromised, ensures the development and delivery of high quality services through a dedicated and superior staff using state-of-the-art technologies in collaboration with its partners so that its clients will be prepared to operate effectively and efficiently in an ever-changing world. 

Guiding Principles

We Believe:

  • Practicing honesty and integrity are essential to the development of good character
  • The well-being and education of people are vital to the future of our society
  • Everyone shares in the responsibility for their development
  • Everyone has a contribution to make to society and has a responsibility to do so
  • The quality of our organizational and businesses directly affects the quality of our community
  • All people can learn and learning is a lifelong process
  • Challenge, effort, self-discipline and responsibility to learn are necessary for people to reach their potential
  • People are our nations’ most important resource
  • Each individual has worth and deserves respect