Anderson, Campbell and Associates

Organizations can become disconnected from their customers and marketplace; customer loyalty and retention are earned by anticipating needs, not ignoring them. Through planning and research, we will always be reminded that our customers are the reason we exists. We have and we will continue to stay attuned to our customers’ needs and strive always to exceed their expectations. Our partners are treated with the same respect as our customers. They must be motivated, trained, and satisfied if they are to serve our customers well. It is not enough to talk about customer satisfaction – we have set measurable goals, communicated them throughout the organization, regularly and systematically gauge our progress against those goals, and take action to continuously improve its performance. Whenever we learn that we are falling short that is seen as an opportunity to improve. Whenever we learn that we are meeting or exceeding our standards, we have an opportunity to set higher standards.

Continuous quality improvement is the responsibility of everyone at AC ~ Associates. It starts with a willingness to learn from people within and outside the organization. Effective communication within AC ~ Associates is essential to improvement. To help improve the organization, our staff understands what our customers’ value and how well they think our services are provided. Constructive criticism is a positive step towards a solution, not a negative spotlight on a mistake. We learn from our shortcomings as well as from our successes. Creating an energized, empowered team is the best catalyst for improvement in an organization. Motivated teams can produce extraordinary results — results that exceed those achieved by individuals or less cohesive groups. We are proud that our customers will be the ultimate beneficiary of these efforts.

A Sample of Our Services

  • Board Development
  • Business Plans
  • Business Valuation
  • Capital Introduction/Prime Brokerage
  • Church Leadership/Management
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Custom-designed Training Programs
  • Custom -tailored Services
  • Curriculum Design/Development
  • Diversity Training/Plans
  • Fund Development Plans
  • Grant Writing/Management
  • Group Training Programs
  • Human Resources Systems
  • Internet Development (website design)
  • Leadership Development and Performance
  • Marketing Plans
  • Needs Assessments
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Organizational Designs
  • Performance-based Assessments
  • Program/Project Development and Management
  • Repairing Dysfunctional Organizations
  • Research/Financial Systems
  • Selection and Retention Strategies
  • Steps to Starting A Business
  • Strategic Planning
  • Supervisory Skills
  • Team Building/High Performing Teams
  • Technology Plans
  • Total Quality Management

Our Approach

We believe in needs assessments, quantifiable, quantitative, and factual-based decision making. Organizations are systems and all actions must be taken with this important concept under consideration.  Fixing one unit may contribute to the dysfunction of another unit. We believe that achieving balance in organizations is preferred. Our services must be specifically designed to respond to the unique needs of our clients’ needs. Therefore, there are no “cookie cutter approaches” to our services. When the time is invested up front and quality of the outcomes can be expected.